Most frequent questions and answers. Practical day info at the bottom of the page.

Your account and details

You’ll register automatically when you purchase a course. You will then receive an email giving you your username and password. Passwords can be changed in your account page and click on the lost password link on the log in page if you need a new password.

Once you’ve purchased the course and received your log in details simply click on ‘Log In’ (under ‘My Account’) and once you’ve entered your details you’ll be redirected to your account page. Your available courses wil be shown under your profile. Simply click on the name to begin / continue.

Go to the Log in page and click on ‘Lost your password?’ under the boxes. This will send you a link. If you are having any issues remember that the password was sent to you in an email so simply search for ‘Become a ref’ in your email search bar. Once you log in with your password you can change your password by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’ in the account page.

Go to the ‘My account page’and look for your list of courses. Once you have completed one you’ll see a blue wax seal icon under the ‘Certificate’ column. Click on the icon.

If the generated certificate does not have the course participants name in it that means you need to update the details. Go to ‘Edit profie’ in the account page and add the desired name in the box. Give it a few mis to update then refresh the certificate. If the problem persists contact [email protected].

These can be seen once you click on your account. It shows you what badges you have and what you have yet to collect (greyed out).

You’ll need to be at least 14 to complete both courses.


To run the course you should ensure you have the latest version of Flash on your machine. You can download it here.

Sometimes you may need to ensure your browser is allowed to run flash. The way you do this is dependant on your browser and this handy guide will walk you through enabling flash in the below browsers.

You should also be aware of the browser you use. Firefox tends to work the best, Safari or Chrome are pretty good (though Chrome updates can cause problems) and some users have found Microsoft Edge works well. Sometimes it’s a case of trying them out – o download them click on the below links:




Microsoft Edge 

The button is designed to only show if the participant has goine through the entire presentation on that topic. Make sure you have interacted with each page. If the problem persits email Simon (details below).

Sometimes there is a slight delay in the buttons being marked and you’ll find that next time you go on the lesson they are marked complete.

Kit & Practical Day

You will need to wear appropriate footwear as well as bringing along a whistle and refereeing notebook with cards.

If you have a purchased a course which includes a kit you will find the information for ordering kit at the start of the ‘Before you begin’ Lesson.

Please use the below link to purchase your full kit from your most local store. You should purchase a black match shirt with the badge of your Area Association only (not the FAW badge), plain black shorts and black socks.

Macron Store Cardiff: https://macronstorecardiff.co.uk/faw-referee?page=2

Macron Store Ebbw Vale: https://macronstoreebbwvale.co.uk/shop/faw-referees/

Macron Store Neath: https://macronstoreneath.co.uk/shop/faw-referees/

Macron Store Llanelli: https://macronstorellanelli.com/shop/faw-referees/

Macron Store Wrexham: https://www.macronstorenw.co.uk/page/macron-referee-store

You will be lead through match situation scenarios in which you will be taught what to do. You will also have the oppourtunity to ask any questions you may have.

The practical day does not consist of anything strenuous just walking around a pitch.

If your question is about the technical side of the course (pages not loading etc) then email:

[email protected] or use the live chat function.

If your question is about the content of the course or billing then please email:

[email protected]