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Please note that the IFAB have bought in a number of Law changes for the 19-20 season. You should read the below document as you’re going through the course to ensure that your knowledge is fully up to date.

IFAB LoG changes and clarifications

63 thoughts on “FAW Referee Introduction Award”

  1. Really Informative Course and enjoyable to complete. Gained New Skills for Junior Football, Thanks FAW

  2. Good course for an introduction into junior football and officiating at a semi pro level and the video interactive nature was easy to access, still dubious on that Ronaldo penalty though cost me 100% would’ve given it but that’s the game I suppose

  3. Craig Wellington

    Despite playing since I was 8 (now 34) there was 1 or 2 things I still didn’t know. Was a good insight to junior football and what is expected

  4. Fantastic, easy to use well structured course content. Ideal for the junior coach taking up the whistle, has given me greater insight into all areas of the game, that will not only benefit me as a referee but will improve and enhance the experience for all those playing and watching. many thanks.

  5. Wow what an amazing course! I reccomend anyone wanting to become a referee within junior football to complete!

  6. Very enjoyable and not too long. Would recommend anyone involved with junior football to take the course.

  7. Loved the course content and the footage used. Having quizzes throughout really helps speed up learning. Diolch!

  8. Charles Musselwhite

    Loved the course. Especially the video footage and being the ref! Could do more of those as a fun game for the family during this lockdown!

  9. Great course. clarified past situations that i have had to officiate, and given the knowledge to take forward.

  10. Straight forward course to complete and the you’re the ref quiz element was very useful. However, I completely disagree and am surprised with the answer to the question about a player aggressively swearing at you (have a chat with them?). Junior football or no junior football, this is a basic ideal that should be understood by every coach, player and parent at every level. Refereeing is a great tool to educate and discuss why you have made a decision or help the kids understand a new rule, but a ‘chat’ in that scenario is not, and nor does it send the right message to other players. To some kids that sets a precedent that they all have 1 ”free chance’ to verbally abuse the ref. If a referee dealt with my player in a match I was coaching, I’d withdraw the player from the match straight away. I think the answer to question sends the wrong signal, especially when the previous question in regard to a spectator doing the same thing being given a zero tolerance approach.

    1. Christopher Hughes

      Mark, I thought exactly the same as you. Swearing at a referee should be straight red. No second chance.


  12. Great course, easy to follow, having played for the last 20 years game me a different perspective. Even picked up on a few things I was unaware of.

  13. Good course. Not sure I agree with all the answers on the end quiz. Most were very clear decisions but a few were debatable.

  14. gregd.meredith

    I really enjoyed the course and like many before me learnt some rules that I wasn’t aware of. Also liked the fact that I could dip in & out of it when I liked.

  15. a very user friendly and informative courses. I found this a great way of learning, doing it in my own time and having the ability to leave and then come back to the course. Some great advice on Junior football and I especially enjoyed the video of the magic Kit. Very powerful

  16. Steve.hollingworth

    straight forward basic insight to a good referee course. More understand and feel more confident of referring a game.

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