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This course is made up of ‘Lessons’ and ‘Topics’. The Lessons are topics grouped around a theme, in all there are 7 lessons (click on the ‘expand all’ tab below to see the full list). Please make your way through the course in order and mark each topic and lesson as complete once you have gone through each presentation.

Navigating the course is very straightforward. To progress to the next page you simply click on either the FAW logo (large at the start of a topic or small in the body of the course) or a ‘+’ icon. It will be clear where to click. Sometimes the logo or icon may take a few secs to load as it will be waiting for the content to come on to the screen, giving the user reading or viewing time.

Please note that the IFAB have bought in a number of Law changes for the 19-20 season. You should read the below document as you’re going through the course to ensure that your knowledge is fully up to date.

IFAB LoG changes and clarifications

59 thoughts on “FAW Referee Award”

  1. A really well thought out course great material and easy navigation of menus to get along, all the info you need is here. cant wait to start officiating

  2. Really enjoyed this course great for anyone to take who wants a career in being an official just couldn’t find the bit about the kit and final face to face selection venue

  3. I thought the course was brilliant. Got all the information I needed and the information was broken down very simply and I enjoyed the few colloquialisms.
    Couple of suggestions for improvements but definitely not complaints…
    1. I could not drag the marker across in the types of tackles section whilst using my iPad. I had to switch to laptop.
    2. Instead of having a new law section why not just add it to the relevant sections as I was unsure when it came to the quiz whether it had been updated in line with the laws coming out for the 19-20 season. (It had been updated).

    It’s well worth the money as long as I can find matches to officiate.

  4. been away to long course was brilliant can not wait to get back out their with the help of the new rules that I have learnt.

    1. Thanks – now you need to attend the face to face session you picked at the start and the local area referee officer can chat you through next steps! All the best

  5. very enjoyable, but i do think you should be able to go back to a question just incase you thunk you submitted wrong answer

  6. OK, lets give this a go. Not sure what im more nervous about, being a ref……. or using this website! Though all the comments are very supportive so hopefully straightforward to use!

  7. Thanks for the opportunity to get back into refereeing, found this course very easy to navigate through and very informative as well.

  8. james.driscoll6

    Fantastic course. Videos helped make the course enjoyable and the quizzes got you thinking about the incidents. I would advise anyone to take this FAW Course. Look forward to seeing you in April for the practical session.

  9. Realised I made a mistake with my last message and put Pontyclun not Penybont FC! Anyone travelling to Penybont FC from Cardiff on Sunday for the course?

  10. Can’t wait to complete the practical session. I signed up for the one on Sunday the 24th Feb at Bridgend but am struggling to find the details again. Anyone got any advice?

  11. Really enjoyed the course. Found out new rules i didnt even know about! Practical next and soon could be entering the next stage in my footballing career.

  12. Really enjoyed this course. It was well put together. I have been reffing my boys games (now under 13’s) for a few years now and some of the rules have been really cleared up thanks to this course. And now finally passing has given me that extra confidence to ref other matches besides my boys games.

  13. Just starting the course and will post throughout. Looking for the next step as the football career is near it’s end.

  14. I am looking forward to the course. I was a referee 20 years ago in Middlesex and learnt so much about the game and always enjoyed attending Referee Society meetings that existed at the time. Best Wishes to everyone else taking the course! Mark.

    1. Great course and easy to learn.
      Nice that at the end we have the changes to the laws of the game.
      For some questions in the quizz it was difficult to know to refer to old or new laws
      Overall great course

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