Advanced Referee Course 2020-21

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This course is made up of ‘Lessons’ and ‘Topics’. The Lessons are topics grouped around a theme, in all there are 7 lessons (click on the ‘expand all’ tab below to see the full list). Please make your way through the course in order and mark each topic and lesson as complete once you have gone through each presentation.

Navigating the course is very straightforward. To progress to the next page you simply click on either the FAW logo (large at the start of a topic or small in the body of the course) or a ‘+’ icon. It will be clear where to click. Sometimes the logo or icon may take a few secs to load as it will be waiting for the content to come on to the screen, giving the user reading or viewing time.

Please note that the IFAB have bought in a number of Law changes for the 19-20 season. You should read the below document as you’re going through the course to ensure that your knowledge is fully up to date.

IFAB LoG changes and clarifications

23 thoughts on “Advanced Referee Course 2020-21”

  1. Really good course, the course was simple and easy to navigate which made the learning easier. Great value also!

  2. Course well delivered, really enjoyed doing it and it gave me the answers to those questionable moments in football. Looking forward to refereeing on the pitch and joining many officials in making the game fair and a pleasure to watch.

  3. jeffrey rowlands

    Very worth while, learned quite a few things I wasn’t aware of, hopefully will stand me in good stead for the future.

  4. Gruffudd Griffiths

    The course was very good and helpful, also very easy to understand for a young person wanting to start refereeing

  5. Good course, course was full of good content , easy to follow . Enjoyed and look forward to sharing with football family.

  6. Great course, really well presented and easy to follow. Gives a great insight into the Complex task of the referee, That as a player I Have not really Fully appreciated.

  7. Completed leaders course last year, now progressed to advance course very informative, will look forward to attending face to face meeting in September.

  8. Great course content and learning more about this side of the game. Also something else to learn during lockdown! Diolch!

  9. Enjoyable course, passed away some lock down boredom and from being a coach very insightful to the other side of the game.

  10. Enjoyable course , learnt a lot , great value for money and kept my football brain alive during this difficult covid 19 time . Thank you

  11. Really enjoyed the course looking forward to the practical side of it and putting my skills to the test ready for the start of next season

  12. I enjoyed doing the course during ‘lock down’. Hopefully we will be out of lock down soon and will be able to do the face to face element!

  13. Really enjoyed the content on here, it was easy and accessible. It provided me with good knowledge on the game and how to progress as a ref.

    Much appreciated and will defiantly recommend.

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